Wednesday, June 27, 2012

31 Weeks

No "weekly update" today - it's early and I'm still half asleep, plus I'm not sure my answers would be any different this week from last!

I basically feel like anywhere from 31 weeks - 35 weeks is the "calm before the storm".  Obviously there's a huge urgency on my part to get things done cause even though I hear time and again from people, "Oh, you still have two months!" (which really annoys me - yes, it's true, but when you're 9 weeks from having a baby and you work full time you suddenly realize how little amount of time 9 weeks actually is) I am starting to get in major nesting mode.

As far as what we have right now, we've got the car seat, stroller, changing table that Brad built - and I cried when I saw it, ha (still needs to be painted) - I need to paint the cabinet we'll use for her clothes and we have some clothes and odds and ends that I've been stocking up on here and there.  My shower is next weekend so I'm hesitant to buy anything that's not a big purchase cause you never know what you'll get.

We still need to build the crib (Brad's building it as well) and get a chair for the nursery, but that's it as far as big pieces of furniture for in there.  I've started to turn the wheels in my head on a decorating scheme for her room and I think we're going to go with shades of cream, soft pink and gold.  But who knows, it could all change at the very last minute :)

I'm feeling pretty good these days.  Definitely am a lot more tired by the end of the day and have taken a few post-work naps.  My swelling hasn't been too bad, although it's about noon before I can get my replacement wedding ring on :(  My heartburn has been better this week, which is nice.  I've felt a little bit more of tenderness in my wrists, almost like I have a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome.  I can feel fairly sore after a long walk or sitting all day, which is an odd feeling cause I basically get tired and achy if I walk a lot or tired and achy if I sit a lot.  But overall I can't complain.  Baby girl is still moving all the time and I'm starting to learn her sleeping/wake times - she is usually awake and moving between 8-10 and it seems like every day around 10:30 I notice very little movement.  She has another period like that in the afternoon, and beyond that I don't notice cause I'm off work by then.  Night time is her most favorite time to move, and move she does!  I can watch my belly shake and twitch, it's the funniest thing.  Last night I was doing some "belly mapping" to try to figure out where she was and I'm pretty sure I could feel her little butt above my belly button.  I love it when I can feel small little pokes cause I know those have to be a little limb of some sort.  I truly am SO excited to meet her and just am so amazed at how much you can love someone that you have never met!


  1. I get SO annoyed with the "2months" comment... 2 months is NOT alot of time and realistically we could go anytime now, sooo I feel ya girl and turned on the nesting mode too. Just had my shower and now I am even more overwhelmed on where to put everything