Wednesday, June 6, 2012

28 weeks

This is my vanity for you...I took this picture about a full 5 days before I normally post these updates just because I had done my hair today and it was still early morning enough for it to show :)  Speaking of hair, I always rolled my eyes at those people that made the "unintentionally ombre hair" jokes, but seriously, I am rocking that look right now.  And it is bad.  Hence why my hair will be pulled back every day until this Friday when I get a little fixin' done to it. 

Also, to LacyLouise (love your blog!  and I don't know how to reply to comments where you'll see them?!?), I'm due August 28th!  

On to the updates....

How far along?  28 weeks, 1 day

Size of the baby? The size of an eggplant!  She could now be over 2lbs, which is crazy to think about.  I know that's still tiny, but just 8 weeks ago she was less than 1 lb!  

Maternity Clothes? Both.  I'm still squeezing into my skinny jeans with the belly band, although I probably won't be able to do that for much longer, at least not for work where I sit all day.  They're hurting my belly pretty good by the end of the day.  This dress that I'm wearing above - which I would normally consider NOT my taste at all, and it's still kind of not, but options are limited when pregnant - is from Wal-Mart (I swear I paid like, $7 for it) and it actually works well with the belly.  I am so determined to not buy ANY more maternity clothes, and I don't even have that many!  I just feel like it's such a waste of money.  

Stretch marks? Nope, thankfully!  Maybe I'll do a bare belly shot before I start getting too big.  But honestly for now, I have to say I am loving my bare belly! I think it's pretty.

Weight?  ???  This was the best decision I ever made, to not find out how much I'm gaining.  Seriously.  

Sleep?  Some nights have been a little harder than others - mainly cause I'm getting up so much to use the bathroom, but the last couple nights I have slept really well.  Which probably just means I'm not drinking enough water.  Sigh.

Best Moment of the Week?  Reaching the 3rd trimester! Oh - and last week, it would've been passing my glucose test

Movement?  Lots of it!  And in big news, I'm pretty sure that Monday I experienced hiccups!  I was sitting at my desk and I started to notice this rhythmic tic-tic-tic in one part of my belly, and it went on for a couple minutes and then went away.  Her kicks have gotten much stronger and she's getting big enough that her movements in different parts of my belly will make my belly stick out on that side.  She usually hangs out on the right side of my belly and I'm fairly certain she's still breech...

Symptoms? Overall still feeling really good.  However, I went for a long walk (well, a couple miles.  But that's long when you haven't went on a 2 mile walk for months) last night and about 5 minutes into I had to go the bathroom, which I can see will maybe change my plans for where I walk in the future...and then the whole rest of the night my hips and lower belly were a little sore.  Great evidence that I need to get out more!  Swelling has been very minimal but it's also not been HOT hot.  Oh, and honestly, the most persistent, daily symptom is heartburn.  I used to let myself take 1 Tum a I'm up to 2 or 3.  Not sure if it's just an "it is what it is" type thing or if I really need to change my diet?  Problem is that I looove acidic and spicy foods, so I hate to change it!

Cravings?  Club soda with a lime.  I could drink that all day long, which leads me to wonder, why do they only sell club soda in 1 liter bottles?  Hmm...

Gender?  Baby GIRL!  

What do I miss? This week, nothing really.  Pretty much anything I've said before :)  

What I'm looking forward to? You know, I think I am to the point where the thought of having this baby is becoming legitimately exciting to me.  Not that it wasn't exciting before this week, but it's really starting to feel REAL.  And because of that, I'm getting excited to meet her, which is a really neat feeling.  Up until now, even while being pregnant the thought of actually having a baby here has seemed to be this abstract concept.  Maybe it was a matter of getting through some big hurdles, like the 1st trimester and viability, and then making it into the 3rd trimester and feeling like, "okay, this is the final stretch!"  And even though I don't think any of this will feel absolutely real until she's here, I have started to think more about holding her, nursing her, getting up with her at night, talking to her, taking her places...and I literally tear up at how much my heart longs for her!  

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  1. YAY! 3rd trimester hump is over!!! I took my glucose test Tuesday and I find out the results today fingers crossed I passed because I will not be happy going to do the 3 hour!