Friday, June 1, 2012

27 Weeks

So I bought a new camera for us a couple weeks ago and I swear, I must have it on some obscure setting because the photos have been absolutely terrible and the camera has such great reviews.  Hence this terrible photo.  But there's no missing the belly :)

I decided against doing the weekly questionnaire cause I didn't really feel like the answers had changed much, and I'd rather write about my thoughts on my body as I'm going through this unique time where I've got a little "uterus inhabitant" that's causing my feet to swell and my nose (and hips) to widen and me seeing a number on a scale that I've never seen before (and actually, that's not true cause I still don't know what I've gained, I just choose not to find out!  I just know that I weigh quite a bit more than I ever have before).

How about some random little updates?

  • I passed my glucose test!  My level was 111, and my doctor said she likes to see it below 140.  She also said my hemoglobin was good, which I have no clue why that's significant.  
  • I bought our car seat and stroller tonight!  This is the one I bought, it's the Britax B-Agile System.  I basically bought it cause I liked the way it looked the best and I knew that it had good safety reviews.  I actually didn't buy it from Amazon cause they wouldn't ship it for 2 months, which would've been fine, but I was afraid that date would get delayed further and I really didn't want to be one month out from my due date trying to track down a car seat that I liked.  By the way, who knew that baby items were so hard to get exactly when you want them??  Most cribs and other baby items that I've looked at - save for small things - have these long ship dates.  PS - I bought it on, which I had never heard of but it basically seems like another Amazon.  I got free shipping on it and it was only $5 more there.  
  • I seriously can't get over the movement I've been experiencing!  This baby is a little mover.  The neatest thing is that they've gone less from being kick-like movements or little thuds, which is what I would expect to occur when there's lots of room for them to bounce around, to being these inward, long, rolling movements.  I'll feel pressure suddenly on one side and if I put my hand there then, it's always really hard and I'll almost always get a little nudge back.  I'm hoping she's rolling herself into the head-down position, although I wonder if she isn't transverse?  I don't know.  I literally feel movements on every part of my belly.  
The last week or two I've been struggling more with the way I perceive my body while being pregnant.    I know that, overall, I'm doing really well with my weight and general size, but I can't help but feel insecure about certain things I'm going through, such as my ankles swelling, or the fact that I just cannot get my wedding rings on anymore, or feeling like I'm noticing my face being fuller.  I know that these things are so normal in pregnancy, but maybe what bothers me is that I feel like I'm experiencing things sooner than I ever thought I would.  But as I was driving to work this morning and looking at my "substitution ring" I just knew that these little insecurities are so unimportant in the grand scheme of thing.  For some reason, I have always had such a heart for women that deal with infertility (maybe because I was convinced I would be one of them) and I have been SO determined to be thankful for every little thing in this pregnancy.  I know that if you would've asked me 20 weeks ago when I was going through my bleeding scare if I would just be able to keep this baby, would I care about my nose and ankles and fingers swelling, I would've said NO WAY, give me this baby and I will not complain about gaining a million pounds!  So it does offer me some perspective on what is truly important.  I can't look at my friends and the way they may have carried their babies and wonder why I don't look that way.  I know that I just need to thank the sweet Lord for blessing me with the chance to carry this active, healthy baby girl in me!

3rd trimester next week!

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  1. We are exactly the same in our pregnancy stretch! So funny, is your due date Sept 3rd as well??