Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank you, but you can stop now

Today I went up to Madeline Island with Brad and some of our family, and while we had a fun time, I feel like I'm paying for all the walking we did earlier today!  Now that I'm back home I'm sitting on the couch and my tailbone/sciatic nerve is seriously aching.  But I think the most painful thing I experienced all day is the pain of the baby moving over what I assume is my cervical area, while I'm walking.  That sounds strange, but probably every 10 or 15 minutes I would feel her slowly start to move and I would get this sharp, pinching pain way down low.  It felt especially uncomfortable when I had to use the restroom (which I've officially reached the "Okay, I'm peeing every 15 minutes now" stage).  There were a couple times that it almost made me stop walking because it was so uncomfortable!  Hence my blog post title :)

So here's my randoms for the week...before I hit the big 10 Week Countdown -- which starts on Tuesday!

  • I bought our crib mattress, changing pad and one changing pad cover today!  I finally feel like I'm making some progress.  Here's what I bought...
This is the crib mattress, it's the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams in White.  Great reviews and a great price   

This is the changing pad - LA Baby Contour Changing Pad.  I liked the price, that's pretty much why I bought it

And the changing pad cover - Carter's Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover in Ecru (I have plans to get another change-out pad cover, just will probably wait til after my shower to see if I'll need one)

  • I'm debating whether or not we need to get a glider/rocker for the nursery.  Obviously I know we would use it but I'm just wondering if it's worth spending an extra couple hundred dollars for one?  Thing is, Brad is building our crib and changing table, I'm repainting a cabinet to use for her dresser, so we're honestly not putting much money into the nursery, so this could be our one "big" purchase for it.  The idea I had was to follow what this blogger had done and purchase the IKEA Ektorp Jenny Lund arm chair and have Brad attach a rocker/swivel base to it.  That would save lots of money and would be very much my style.  We'll see...

  • This week I did something I swore I would never do pre-pregnancy...

I wore a shirt that did the "waterfall" look in the front and didn't curve around my belly.  I don't know why - actually I do know why, by 9:30am I was going crazy looking at it - but I just always hated maternity shirts that don't fit over your belly snugly and just blouse out in front of it.  It was a cute shirt, but I probably will save that one for post-pregnancy now.

  • My little mover loves to be on the right side of my belly!  There's always been a slight pooch on that side, but sometimes it's super obvious - see below....

  • Not sure if I mentioned this in my last update, but I've started having Braxton Hicks.  While they don't hurt at all, they're uncomfortable and frankly just freak me out a little cause the first night I had them, I actually had a few in a row and per my baby books, you're not supposed to have more than 4 in an hour before you need to call the doctor.  However, I think I brought them on myself due to a lot of walking combined with not enough water.  Trying not to make that mistake again!  

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