Friday, July 6, 2012

32 Weeks/33 Weeks

So...big surprise this week is that I am not actually 32 weeks + 3 days, I am apparently 33 weeks today!  I went in yesterday for my check up and my doctor walked in and said, "So!  32 weeks and 6 days!" and I said, "No, 32 weeks and 2 days."  She insisted I was 32 weeks and 6 days, and said that my due date - August 24th - was based off of my LMP when I got pregnant.  When I went in for my dating u/s the tech had told me my estimated due date was August 28th because I was dating 4 days behind.  However, my doctor informed me yesterday that being off by 4 days wasn't enough to necessitate changing the original due date.  Not sure where on earth I missed this info along the way...I do think we had some kind of miscommunication with it because I'm incredibly attentive to these kind of things. And honestly, while it's a little exciting to say I'm 33 weeks today, part of me just thinks that my true due date is the 28th based on ovulation, but I guess we'll see!  

Also in other weird news I found out that I lost almost 4lbs at my appointment.  Definitely had me worried but my belly measured right at 32.5 and baby's heartbeat was good, so my doctor assumes it was from the mixture of the intense heat we've been having (and we don't have AC in our house!) and the fact that I was a lot more swollen at my last appointment, according to her.  She wasn't too worried about it and just said we would keep an eye on it. 

How far along?  33 weeks, I guess!

Size of the baby? The size of a durian.  What.  

Maternity Clothes? Yep.  Pretty much all maternity these days :)

Stretch marks? None, thank the Lord....although I'm still holding my breath to see if they show up.

Sleep?  It's not too bad.  I'm up 2 and 3 times a night which gets old, but for the most part I sleep well.  

Best Moment of the Week?  I think it's between hearing the heartbeat (never gets old - and she's down to 140!) and narrowing our names down to 2 options!

Movement?  Yes, still moving a lot.  Although this last week it seemed as though she moved less and I feel like it had to do with a growth spurt because I was SO hungry. 

Symptoms? Occasional Braxton Hicks/slight cramps, sore back/hips, heartburn, tiredness, swelling.  Nothing too bad.   

Cravings?  Honestly, I just haven't had much in the way of cravings.  It's been so hot that I don't care to cook, and it's hard to crave restaurant food when you're usually sick of all the same places you always eat at :)

Gender?  Baby GIRL!  

What do I miss? Missing normal clothes!  Cannot.wait to get back into regular shirts and pants!

What I'm looking forward to? My shower is this weekend, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!  Also, even though I'm not loving getting huge, I just read that these next 4 weeks the baby goes through a big growth spurt, and I'm looking forward to that!  

And just because it cracks me up, here's a couple pictures of my you an idea how much this baby LOVES to curl up on the right side of my belly!  My stomach looks deformed when I sit like this...but that ridge going down the right side is her little back :)

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  1. My stomach does that ALL the time! It now is starting to really hurt when he jams out like that I have to massage him out lol