Monday, April 30, 2012

22 weeks

Sorry this pic is so's a new App I used that I don't think I care for...

How far along?  22 weeks and 6 days

Size of the baby? A papaya, or 10-11 inches

Maternity Clothes? Still wearing the Belly Band, although I did put on my first pair of jeans this morning that were just too tight all over to wear :(  So...I'm hoping to get a few more weeks out of my non-maternity jeans before switching over to maternity pants.  I'm hoping I can wear jeans/leggings for the next couple weeks and then can start wearing more dresses.  

Stretch marks? Honestly, I'm not sure - sometimes I look at my belly and it looks like there might be a couple pink lines, and other times it doesn't look like it.  I can't tell if it's indentations from the Belly Band or stretch at this point I'm going to call them Belly Band marks :)  

Weight?  No clue where I'm at right now, but I am starting to struggle a little with the weight/size issue.  Overall I have kept most of the weight in my belly, but the last week or two I've really started feeling like my hips and butt and thighs are expanding.  And because I have been good about walking but not doing anything else to exercise, my arms are starting to look a little flabby.  So I may need to remedy that and start using my hand weights.  I'm going to the doctor today so we'll see about the weight gain, although I'm contemplating not finding out for the rest of the pregnancy.  I just really don't want to focus on that because the bottom line is that you're going to gain weight, and your appetite IS increased, and I don't really want to feel guilty or restrictive when I'm eating (as long as it's good choices, you know?)

Sleep?  It's been rough the last few days.  Last night when I was falling asleep the baby was moving so much that I couldn't fall asleep, which was the first time that's ever happened.  It's sweet for sure, but on the other hand, it's like, "Okay, you go to sleep, too!"  I've been waking up to use the bathroom more often now, or waking up with limbs that have fallen asleep cause of how I have to position myself now.  My belly can be sore in the mornings cause I still like to sleep on my belly as much as I can (which isn't much, but I am so not a side sleeper that I have to do what I can!)

Best Moment of the Week?  The best moment this week was revealing the gender of the baby to our friends and family!  It was so, so exciting to finally tell everyone that we're having a baby GIRL!    

Movement?  Yes.  Lots and lots of movement.  She changes position every now and then and so the movement has felt different at times - for a week or two I'll feel kicks more in one area, then another week it's in another area, etc.  Right now I feel her move pretty much every time after I eat, usually in the mornings, and now at night when I'm going to bed.  

Symptoms?  I'm having a little bit of heartburn, definitely more back aches and sore feet (I have low arches and I think that maybe the extra weight makes them sore?  I don't know, just know that they hurt when I stand for a long time).   

Cravings?  Nothing really this week that I can think of.  I mean, I am always craving pasta, mac and cheese, etc.  I just don't eat it :)

Gender?  Baby GIRL!  It's so exciting to finally know.  I feel like finding out helped me bond more with the little being inside of me.  Maybe "bond" isn't the right word, but it just helped make it all seem more real.

What do I miss?  Not constantly feeling really large.  Looking forward to summer clothes or summertime (boating, laying out, fun drinks, late nights out with friends, etc).

What I'm looking forward to? Still looking forward to week 24/25 :)  I think I'm looking forward to start getting ready for her - buying the things we need, getting her little nursery ready, etc.  It will be so exciting to see things come together!

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