Monday, April 23, 2012

21 weeks

How 'bout that sunglasses tan???  I got that this last week while in Florida.  I should've known better...I guess it's my souvenir :)

Instead of doing a big questionnaire this week, I'm just going to highlight some random things...

  • I definitely think I experienced a growth spurt this last week.  One night this last week my belly just ached, and I couldn't figure out why.  Looking at pictures, I'm pretty sure it was just cause the it was getting bigger.  
  • Speaking of getting bigger, I think I'm moving beyond the blessed Belly Band.  I seriously love that thing.  But yesterday when we were flying home, I kept having to tug my jeans up cause they kept sliding down.  I think they're just starting to sit too low on my hips or something.  So today I wore my maternity jeans from the Gap and ended up going home at lunch to change cause I literally could not breathe - the demi band (it's about a 2 or 3 inch band instead of the big belly band) was cutting into my stomach.  I put leggings on and it's much better :)  
  • So I had originally decided not to do a nursery at our current house cause we're going to be moving in - fingers & toes crossed - November.  But I just realized that we're going to have to have a place for the baby's stuff, so I might as well.  Plus, finding out the gender probably encouraged that need to make a cute space for the babe!
  • In Florida, I was craving - CRAVING - Tom Kha Gai soup (a Thai soup that is sooo dang good).  There were a million Thai restaurants but since Brad isn't a fan of the ethnic foods besides Fast Wok and Mexican, we didn't eat at one.  So I bought a can of it at the store.  It was not the same thing. 
Well, we're 22 weeks tomorrow!  Getting closer to viability - which is another area I have to continually keep giving to the Lord.  I get so worried around this time that something will happen and the baby won't make it.  BUT we trust in ALL things, right??  

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