Friday, February 24, 2012

13 weeks

Note - I have to explain these photos!  I took them both cause today I'm wearing a skirt and I have it belted over my belly, and I felt like it maybe made my belly look bigger than it was cause my tank top was tucked into the skirt.  So I took that one, and then the one on the bottom with my skirt folded down and my tank over my belly.  You probably didn't need all this but it makes me feel better :)

How far along?  13 weeks, 3 days

Size of the baby? A medium shrimp.  [Confuses me how you go from a 12-week lime to a 13 week shrimp??]

Maternity Clothes? Still just using the Belly Band.  However, I've informed Brad that we're taking a trip to Minneapolis next month for me to get some maternity pants.  I'll be around 16 weeks then, so I'm thinking it's time!  

Stretch marks?  None yet.  I've been bathing in Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil and then moisturizing with the Cocoa Butter lotion.  

Weight?  No idea what I've gained so far but I'm pretty certain I've gained in the last two weeks (at my last appointment I hadn't gained yet).  This beer belly I'm carting around these days has to count for something...

Sleep? It's actually gotten better, thankfully.  The last couple nights I've only woken up 1-2x a night to go to the bathroom.  However, my 2nd trip is usually dead on around 4:30am and it's hard to fall back asleep at that time (in my opinion).  I've noticed I'm a little uncomfortable falling asleep on my belly but I'll usually wake up on it, so it must not bother me too much :)

Best Moment of the Week?  Making it to 13 weeks!!!!  Seriously, such a relief.  Although it annoys me that so many books STILL say you're not out of the 1st trimester until 14 weeks.  I'd  like to think that this feels like the longest part of pregnancy, but I'm guessing the 3rd trimester is a little more of a nuisance.  

Movement?  Not yet!

Symptoms?  I'm feeling fairly good these days.  Still feeling some light nauseousness occasionally, but nothing terrible.  A few mornings the last week I've had coffee but this morning I woke up and just couldn't handle the thought of drinking it.  So, not completely out of the woods yet.  The headaches have gotten better.  And this is TMI but the discharge is starting to get a little nuts.  And I'm noticing more constipation but it's nothing painful or anything. And the tiredness is still there, some days it's worse than others.  I told Brad the other night, though, that it's crazy how much different I feel now even from just 3 weeks ago.  I would come home and lay on the couch, and there was literally no doing ANYTHING.  But this week I've came home and cleaned, and made dinner, and it's been like old times!    

Cravings?  Vanilla cupcakes.

Gender?  Not our 20 week ultrasound!  Which is still a long ways off.

What do I miss?  Hmm...nothing at this point, really.  I obviously miss the days of not being afraid or worried all the time that the worst is going to happen.  Brad and I are planning a trip to Florida in April and it's funny cause it will be SO different from our trip last year.  Last year we went with friends, and I was crazy about working out and feeling good on the beach in my bikini, and once we were down there we had a blast doing nothing but laying out, having a few drinks at night, and going out.  Our trip this year will be so different!  But I'm still looking forward to just relaxing and WARM WEATHER!  [and maybe a little glass of white wine ;) ]

What I'm looking forward to? Obviously I just feel blessed when I lay my head on my pillow at night and thank God for another day of this pregnancy.  I have been so ruled by fear and worry, but on the other hand, it does make me so much more thankful for what I do have.  I'm looking forward to the OFFICIAL 2ND TRIMESTER BY EVERYONE'S STANDARDS (14 weeks), and for my next doctor appointment.  After that appointment I'm planning to announce it on Facebook.  And I'm starting to think more about the 20 week ultrasound.  Part of me is a little excited for it, and a big part of me is [of course] worried about it.  I'm working hard to trust the Lord and remember Psalm 139.  

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