Sunday, March 4, 2012

14 weeks

Sorry for the dirty's all I've got til I replace the one that broke last week!

How far along?  14 weeks, 5 days

Size of the baby? A lemon - 3 1/2 inches

Maternity Clothes? Still just using the Belly Band, and I'm sick of it.  Going to the Cities this weekend to get some maternity pants! 

Stretch marks?  None yet.  I've been bathing in Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil and then moisturizing with the Cocoa Butter lotion.  

Weight?  Still don't know what I've gained, I'll find out this week when I go to the doctor.  I'm guessing about 4-5 lbs.  Yes, really.  That's based on my scale at home.  

Sleep? It's been really good lately.  I'm going to the bathroom before I go to bed, and usually one trip early in the morning.  Feeling a little more uncomfortable on my belly, but it's not anything terrible. 

Best Moment of the Week?  I think realizing that I feel so much better these days!  The 1st trimester is over and I seriously feel like a different person.  

Movement?  Not yet!

Symptoms?  Honestly, there's not too much these days.  Like I mentioned, I'm feeling much better - I have so much more energy!  I get occasional headaches, and I swear, my nose is constantly stuffed up.  I've also noticed the "growing pains" - my belly just aches a little bit by the end of the day.  

Cravings?  Potatoes, and salad with my favorite lime dressing.  I ate 3 HUGE bowls of it in one sitting this week!

Gender?  Not our 20 week ultrasound!  Which is a little over a month away now!

What do I miss?  I always miss the wine.  I miss eating lunch meat whenever I want (I do eat it but I don't eat it too often).  

What I'm looking forward to?  I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and even though I'm always a little nervous to go, I do look forward to the updates.  I'm hoping I'll get to schedule our 20 week ultrasound at it!  I'm also looking forward to my belly growing a little bit more.  I can see the growth when I look at pictures, but I'm just ready for the little "pop" to occur!  Right now I just feel chubby unless I'm wearing leggings and a tight shirt.  

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