Sunday, February 12, 2012

Look at this belly!

You can actually see it when I'm wearing tighter clothes!  Brad and I drove up to Duluth today so I could get a Belly Band, as well as a few other newly-needed essentials, like longer tanks (found the BEST ones from Aerie, which is what I'm wearing in the photo) and the amazing pregnancy leggings from Target (also wearing in the photo).

I'm getting so excited for the 12 week mark, which is on Tuesday!  I'm still fighting a bit of fear, but I have to realize that, per my doctor, my miscarriage chances are very slim now.  And there will also be many reasons for fear at every step of the way.

This is more for my recollection so I don't forget, but I haven't spotted in over a week (thank you, Lord and knock on wood!) and I'm praying that continues.  However, my doctor said I may just be one of those women that spots during pregnancy.

Well, just wanted to share my belly!  I'll admit, I'm so excited for it and can't quit looking at it in the mirror, haha!

1 comment:

  1. You and your legs specifically look TINY. I definitely see the belly, though. Enjoy the days when you WANT to see the belly there. :)