Saturday, February 18, 2012

12 weeks, 4 days

This pic is terrible but I broke our full length mirror today.  Not sure you can even see the belly but trust me, it's there.

How far along?  12 weeks, 4 days

Size of the baby? A lime!  2 inches.

Maternity Clothes? Just bought the Belly Band, and have definitely been using it.  I had read in my pregnancy books that around week 12-13 is when your uterus begins to shift out of your pelvis, creating more of a baby bump.  I don't know if that's what's occurred or I maybe have 2 babies in here, but I am showing.  Thus the Belly Band is necessary.  No maternity clothes yet though!

Stretch marks?  None, but I'd think it's too early still.  I've noticed my belly being a little itchier, but who knows if that's from the growing.  I bought Palmer's Bath Oil and Massage Lotion today and have decided that, even if stretch marks are hereditary, I would be SO mad if I wound up getting them but didn't even try to moisturize.  

Weight?  I think I've started to gain...I wish I could say it's due to my little belly but I'm thinking it's more likely due to the fact that I pretty much eat crap these days and haven't been to the gym in 3 months.  I'm starting back on the healthy train tomorrow, though!  [fingers crossed]

Sleep? It's okay.  Still waking up 2-3 times a night for potty breaks.  I think I noticed my first bout of Round Ligament Pain the other night when I rolled over.  It was painful and I'm not looking forward to it.

Best Moment of the Week?  Hmm...making it to 12 weeks and starting to see my belly become more obvious!  I feel like it's this fun new accessory I can dress for :)    

Movement?  Nope.

Symptoms?  While I think the nausea is mostly gone, I noticed last night that I felt SO sick after I took my prenatal, which I haven't felt that way since I was about 9 weeks.  I have some prescription prenatals I'll probably use for the next few days.  Still filling icky here and there and had to wear the Sea Bands today for a while.  The new symptom that has reared its ugly head are headaches.  I get them almost every day now.  They feel like caffeine headaches, which is odd to me cause I rarely drink caffeine anymore.  They're nagging and annoying.   

Cravings?  I haven't craved many foods for long periods of time during this pregnancy, in the beginning I think I did but lately it's been like, I'll get an urge to eat something and then it's ALL I can think about.  This week it was Hot Ham and Cheese sandwiches (which I normally would NOT eat).  OH - funny thing is I cannot, cannot eat chunk cheese or eggs.  I can eat shredded cheese on food, or blue cheese crumbles/dressing, but the thought of eating a piece of cheese grosses me out.  Same as eating a cooked egg.    

Gender?  Not our 20 week ultrasound!  Which is still a long ways off.

What do I miss?  I think this week I missed being able to have a drink the most.  We went out for Valentines Day and I had about 4 sips of wine, and I just couldn't drink anymore.  Also missing just guilt-free eating.  I wanted a deli meat wrap today SO badly but for some reason just feel uncomfortable eating it.  I know it's okay to eat it, but I just feel like, if something happened to this baby because I got sick from eating deli meat when I was told not to, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.  So I abstain.  Although I will eat blue cheese dressing, so who knows...

What I'm looking forward to? Making it to 13 weeks!  Just 2 more days!  I'm hoping I will feel a little more comfortable telling people then.  There's still a part of me that just wants to keep it to myself, but it's only out of fear.  

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  1. I love you more than hot ham and cheese sandwiches. And I could eat about 3 of those right now! ;)