Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am ALWAYS getting my gestation time wrong...I could've swore I was 10w3d today.  Oh well.  

I'm not planning to do a big questionnaire update today, I've come down with a nasty cold and don't really have the motivation to do it.  I can say that I'm still experiencing my nausea, although I'm wondering if that is on the upswing since I feel more like I can eat anything I want.  A girlfriend of mine said her nausea got better between weeks 10-11, but I've also read where some women felt better during week 10 and then felt sick again during 11 and 12.  So, who knows.  As far as food, prior to this week only a small number of foods sounded good to me, but now I'm feeling like I can eat a little bit more flexibly.  Now my nauseousness is mainly bad in the mornings and at night after taking my prenatal.  Also still feeling very tired, and this weekend actually took 2 naps (I am NOT a napper).  I notice heartburn every now and then, and also that out-of-breath feeling - usually get that when I'm climbing the stairs at work.  

I think the thing with symptoms at this point is that you almost get used to feeling sick and tired and having quirky things like constipation and heartburn, so while they're noticeable, they're not as dramatic as they once were, maybe?  

In other news, I had some more spotting last Friday and Sunday, which wasn't anything terrible but it shook me up a little, considering I didn't get to hear the heartbeat at my appointment that Wednesday.  Friday was only a one-time bathroom trip spotting, but Sunday I spotted about 3 or 4 times (my spotting is always very light and is only when I use the restroom).  I called my doctor on Monday morning and they didn't seem too concerned, they said it was probably the placenta implanting, but they said they would see me on this Wednesday.  However, I haven't spotted since Sunday so I ended up canceling the appointment.  You know, trying to be more trusting and secure in the Lord and NOT in the doctor, despite wanting reassurance.  I will be there this next Thursday to try for the heartbeat again, so I will get my reassurance then.  

Okay, here's my 10w2d belly pic:

I'm putting both of these up because sometimes I'm not sure if I should take these when I'm sucking in (you know, that natural way you pull your stomach in) or not.  So the left photo is with my stomach sucked in/pulled in, and the right is when I let it sit naturally.  Oh, and please ignore the mattress upside down on the floor, we are not white trash but sometimes it could appear that way, haha!  [we had friends staying in that room and Brad had propped the mattress up against the wall so he could use his desk, and then it fell down upside down.  I'm certainly not moving it, so there it will sit until I ask my husband to move it]

I think I can see a difference between last week and this week.  It's funny cause in the morning the belly is non-existent but by the end of the day, it's large and in charge!  Oh, and when I show it Brad he kind of looks at me like, "yeahhhh....I can see it...." sort of implying that I don't look that different to him.  I informed him last night, my belly does NOT always look like that, thankyouverymuch.

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  1. I love reading your posts. Though they make me feel a very inadequate pregnant woman. With Olivia, I was reading books, prepping, on websites, seeing how big the baby was. Now, nada. Oh well. :)