Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My new normal (and some pictures!)

I'm sitting here pumping right now with Hadley in her little Fisher Price Rock N Play Bouncer at my feet.  I think all I've managed to accomplish today was getting dressed, putting on some makeup, loading the dishwasher and running to WalMart for a few necessities.  And that's a REALLY productive day for me, FYI!  

Our new normal is something like this....wake up around 6-7am and Brad does a feeding with her while I try to get in a little bit of uninterrupted sleep.  Once he leaves I "do a naughty" and put her in bed with me and we sleep for a few more hours - sometimes it's til 9, the other day I woke up at 9, did a feeding and a pump and we went back to bed til noon!  We wake up and make our way to the living room, AKA Baby Land, and usually settle in for another feeding, which usually leads me to another pumping session (at the time we're doing breastmilk and formula, it's a long story that can be condensed to say that my milk took quite a while to come in and by the time it did her latch sucked and she was used to bottles.  Makes me sad to not nurse her but she's getting about 3 breastmilk bottles from me a day and hopefully that will increase soon but I'm happy with it for now).  Then I sit on the couch, watch some TV, hold her, catch up on FB/emails, go wash all the bottle and pumping paraphernalia and get ready for another feeding round.  Do another feeding, and start the cycle all over again.  Usually towards the end of the day (4-5pm, before Brad gets home) I'll straighten the house up a little and catch up on dishes, make the bed, laundry, etc.  But that's not everyday and definitely didn't start happening until the last couple days!  

So basically my day is consumed with Hadley, and I love it.  I told Brad today that by the end of this week I'd like to get us onto a bit more of a schedule so we're not waking up at any hour and going to bed at any hour, but for now, it's been so great just getting to know my girl and even though most of my time is spent watching her sleep and feeding her, I literally love nothing more than just sitting with her and holding her and staring at her.  

Onto some pictures!  

Just in the last day or two she's started to mayyybe smile if you baby talk her.  Yesterday I was talking to her and she got this ridiculously happy little face and I seriously could almost vomit at how much this much just KILLS me and how I want to kiss her face off when I look at it.  

Our little breech baby!  Sometimes she will get in this position and it just cracks us up

It almost breaks my heart to look at this picture for two reasons, one being that she was jaundiced in this picture :(  She never had it bad enough to go under the bili blanket, but you could definitely see it in her skin.  Secondly, she already seems so much bigger now than she was in this picture...

Hadley and Daddy - we were at the hospital for a weight/jaundice check.  She's such a little bug.  

Part 2 to the first picture - I just love her skinny little neck and baby gums and UGH, makes me want to pull her out of her bouncy chair and kiss her right now!  

Last night this is how I found them - obviously both were very comfortable :)

So sweet.  Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday!  

I know one day she will be almost as big as this chair and I'm sure I will cry many tears when that day comes...so I'm taking lots of pictures of her in there now to be reminded at just how tiny she is!