Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have definitely felt an increase in morning sickness this week.  It comes on in the morning pretty slightly and is fairly noticeable during the day, but at night it seems to be the worst.  I bought some Sea Bands which I've found to be extremely helpful.  I'm starting to feel bad cause my diet is just terrible.  Here's what I eat on a daily basis:

Peach Greek Yogurt (breakfast)
Canned peaches
Mandarin oranges (snack)
Mashed Potatoes (lunch - today I put broccoli on them)
Mandarin oranges (snack)
Crackers (if I get hungry - but I am sick to death of eating crackers and they're almost gross to me now)
Mashed Potatoes or Mac & Cheese (Dinner)

I guess I just have to thank God that I've not been too sick to take my prenatal cause this baby sure ain't getting any nutrients from me!

I also drank a tiny bit (maybe 4 ounces) of Coke yesterday and today.  I felt guilty so I probably won't drink it anymore.  However, it probably was good for me to "let loose" a little bit!  

This week I've also experienced an increase in lower back aches, which for some reason makes me a little paranoid, even though my favorite Pregnancy book (called something like Pregnancy MD: Your Guide to the 1st Trimester, but can't find it on Amazon even though I bought it there for my Kindle??) says it's totally normal and that even mild cramping is normal at this time.  

I am definitely starting to see a little tummy, although at this point I am certain it is a bloat!  Sometimes in the afternoons I get downright uncomfortable - my belly will almost hurt a little bit so then I'll unbutton my pants and feel better right away.  

Also feeling an increase in fatigue this week.  Today at my desk I honestly felt like I couldn't even think straight, I was so tired.  I've noticed it gets a little better in the evenings for me, though, but after I take my bath and eat I'm just about done.  

Overall, I am so, so thankful I've made it this far and am so ready to be nearing the "home stretch" of the 1st trimester!  I definitely still have a couple weeks before I reach that "home stretch", though.  I have an appointment next week with my OB and I'm praying, praying, praying I will hear the heartbeat at that appointment.  I know it's not common but I have heard of it happening, so I'm praying for it!  

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