Friday, January 13, 2012

1st ultrasound - 7w0d

After having the ultrasound of my hemorrhage, they dated me at 5w2d on December 31st.  I was originally scheduled for my dating ultrasound at what my doctor figured would be around 7-8 weeks, so Brad met me at the hospital on January 11th for u/s #2 (I had called my doctor that Monday before the u/s to see if it was necessary for me to come since I had just had one, but she wanted to check on the size of the SCH and confirm dating so she still had me come in).
I was a ball of nerves on Wednesday.  I had read of many stories where women went in and there was no heartbeat, no development...nothing.  And though I figured I had to have something going on due to my symptoms, you still just never knew.  The drive to the hospital was spent praying for God to prepare my heart for whatever He had, and also thanking Him that Brad would be there with me!
We got right in with the tech and she had me lay down on the table, and then she squirted the warm gel on my stomach and begin moving the ultrasound wand (WHAT is it called??) over my belly.  She didn't say anything immediately but asked me, "Have you been having irregular periods?" and I told her yes, wondering where she could be going with it.  But she didn't go anywhere with it, thank God, cause then she turned the screen towards me and said, "There's your little peanut!"

See how it looks like there is a little head pointing down?  That is actually the yolk sac, where the embryo/baby gets its nutrition from right now.  The baby itself is the little peanut-shaped thing above the yolk sac.

And there it was, indeed our little peanut, up on the screen.  Then she pointed out the amazing thing of all, the little itty bitty heartbeat flickering away!  It was just so nuts to see this little flashing thing inside of my belly, still makes me shake my head to think about it.  She said the heartbeat measured at 152bpm, which also made me happy to hear there was such a strong little heart in there.

The best news came the following day when I got a call from my doctor saying that my ultrasound looked awesome and that my hemorrhage had completely gone away.  What an answer to prayer!  

Since we all like belly pics and stats....

This was taken at what I thought was 5 weeks, but really was a little over, nothing to see here :)

7w3d - definitely wouldn't say I have a belly, but I do think I have more of that pointy curve women get early on?


Morning Sickness - I have noticed an increase in morning sickness within the last week.  I haven't come close to vomiting (thankfully) but I do seem to have that fairly constant feeling of ickiness.  Some days are better than others, and I think that when I get food in my stomach I tend to feel better the following day.  My prenatals are taken at night and that has started to cause some nauseousness in the middle of the night, which is a miserable feeling.  

Food Aversions/Cravings - I haven't had any "aversions" to anything in particular, the only thing is coffee.  I used to live and breathe for coffee in the morning and I haven't had a cup for probably a week and a half now.  I can drink a soy chai as I find those mild and not so offensive as coffee, so I've been having a few of those (caffeine-free).  In regards to food, very few things sound good to me most of the time, although today was an odd day in that I ate Chinese for dinner.  I don't eat as much as I used to, I think that even though I'll eat what's around (like Chinese or spaghetti at the in-laws) I don't really care to eat a whole lot of it.  As far as cravings, also wouldn't say I've had those yet but I have been eating a lot of the same things - Dole canned peaches, mandarin oranges (both in the cup and the real deal), love Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes (the kind you buy already made at the grocery store).  Also eating lots of crackers and drinking lots of Sprite.

Breast Tenderness - I have definitely experienced this!  They have been very tender, and while the tenderness has tapered off since I found out I was pregnant, I am still aware of their sensitivity.

Fatigue - This has been an interesting one for me.  Everyone said "you will feel so tired you won't know what to do" and "You'll be able to fall asleep anywhere" and on and on.  So far I haven't experienced that kind of tiredness, although I have been very tired for ME.  I'm not generally someone that ever takes a nap, and rarely ever falls asleep on the couch cause I just don't care for sleeping there.  So maybe it's not surprising that I'm not dead asleep all the time.  However, my house and fridge can attest to my complete lack of energy! (as can my husband, ha)

Randoms - Definitely noticed more gas and even gas pains...there's been a few times that I've been alarmed at pain in my stomach thinking it's cramps and then I'll realize, "oh...that was gas."  Have had very, very vivid dreams pretty much since week 4 or 5.  Also noticing the "afternoon bloat" - I swear, from morning to night I will GROW a stomach.  It is so funny!  After I eat lunch in the afternoon I'll go to the bathroom and seriously marvel at my stomach and how it just pooches out.  Oh, and probably the most annoying symptom - getting up at night 2 or 3 times to go potty.  Hate that.  

Overall, I have just been so thankful for this incredible blessing.  Every now and then I'll be sitting by myself and whether it's the hormones or just being completely humbled by God, I will start crying when I think about how thankful I am for this little miracle.  I am all too aware that I am still so very early and anything could still happen, but I am truly learning so much about myself and God's goodness through this amazing experience.  I am starting to let myself feel excited for the possibility of this pregnancy and little baby, and while it does scare me at times to be hopeful and excited in case something does happen, I would not trade those moments of excitement for anything....because those moments are honestly when I'm the most grateful and thankful to God for giving me this gift!

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